High School Graduate Anxieties – Help Me Find a College

If you are a parent, relative, friend, teacher, or guidance counselor of a high school senior, most probably you have been told this a thousand times already. “Help me find a college, please?” Your high school child, relative, friend or student needs help in deciding the perfect college for him. Do not be irritated when they request help from you, since they are in one of the most pressure filled times of a teenager’s life. This time, a person’s decision could really shape up the rest of his life. So it is only right that they get the best advice available.

The internet is a place where high school students voice out their concern and need for college advice. They place in their blogs, web pages, and even their Facebook and Twitter accounts lines like “What is the perfect college for me?” or “I need help deciding for my college” or “Help me find a college.” If you want to help these teenagers, then you can tell them that there are three factors that they have to consider in making this choice. Number one is the college’s academic reputation. Find a college that is known for the best programs and professors. Number two is whether scholarships are available. You may need one of these.

The third factor is knowing where a college’s graduates are right now. A college is measured by how successful its graduates are in their chosen fields. Other factors may also be considered, but these three are of utmost importance. The next time you come across Tweets like “Help me find a college,” do the user a favor and reply to his post. That person will be forever grateful.