Career Advice – Do You Want To Be Boss?

Help me here. Am I missing something?

I have just read the reports from two national opinion surveys concerning employees’ attitude toward their bosses. The results surprised me. At the same time, I see good news for ambitious men and women who are interested in achieving career success.

A study conducted by the Business School at William and Mary University showed that only 21 percent said they would like to have their bosses’ job; 66 percent gave a resounding “no” to the question; 13 percent were undecided.

Another survey, this one by OfficeTeam, a staffing service firm, found a whopping 71 percent declared that they would rather not take the helm.

Does this mean that over two-thirds of the work force don’t want to accept increased responsibility? Do that many not want the rewards that go with higher responsibilities?

Career Tip: These results fly in the face of everything I have experienced in my long and varied career working in organizations of various sizes and purposes, both private and public. Maybe I have overestimated the level of ambition in the world of work.

Three Facts Of Life

During my career I have learned these three facts about career success:

1. Organizations cannot exist and thrive for very long without a hierarchy of bosses. We humans need structure in our endeavors and structure can’t exist without bosses.

2. Bosses get the rewards. The higher up the ladder, the richer the rewards: bigger paychecks, company cars, the corner offices, the perks of power and the prestige.

3. Rewards go to those who reach out to get them. Those who get to be bosses do so because they recognize and act on this reality.

I have never seen an organization where these facts didn’t apply.

Career Tip: This Is Good News

Why do I think there is good news in all of this? Because I see opportunities being created for those who are willing to work for the rewards that go with responsibility and position.

I know there is a multitude of very bright, ambitious and energetic men and women who go to work everyday, striving to advance and become boss. The path from the first day on the job to the corner office is not easy. But the way it wide open for those who have what it takes to make the trip. That means Opportunity with a capital O.

That’s the reason I write my free semi-monthly newsletter,”The Career Accelerator,” E-Books and articles about building successful career.

If I have misread the meaning of these surveys, then I am wrong in believing what I write and my readers are wrong in taking the time to read what I write.