What Is Circuit Training? And Why Introducing It to Your Routine Increases Muscle Definition!

It’s surprising that when I speak with people today with regards to training and bring up the term Circuit training I always find a similar kind of reaction. What is circuit training? Most people have a notion but just can’t describe what it really is or how it works. If you find yourself new to this term then you may want to find out what it is and how you can use it to gain muscle, reduce fat and get a more effective overall body workout.

What is Circuit Training?

Well, it’s simple to understand. Circuit training is usually a type of conditioning combining strength training and high-intensity aerobics. It is made to be simple to adhere to and target strength building in addition to muscular endurance. An exercise “circuit” is one completion of all suggested exercises within a program. When one circuit is finished, one starts the first exercise over again for another circuit. Usually, the time in between exercises in circuit training is fast, often with fast movement to the next exercise.

Combining resistance training and cardiovascular training

This is really one of the things I love about circuit training. Any time you include strength training and aerobic training it helps you to save you time in the gym. You are getting both of those completed in one workout. You can do resistance training with light weight and high reps or just by making use of your body weight. Both methods of training can provide the amount of resistance needed to cause muscle growth. The aerobic training is produced by the brief rest periods involved when switching from one exercise to the next. You can also include more cardio training by adding in an exercise inside of the circuit which involves getting the heart rate up rapidly.

Why I favor body weight workouts when circuit training?

Body weight workouts are an effective way to get resistance training and aerobic training at the same time. They require minimal room (you can perform them in your family room) and minimal devices. Body weight circuits seem like they might be easy but hold off until you discover how difficult they are when a competent trainer puts one together.

Circuit training and muscle definition

So if somebody were to ask me what is circuit training I would provide them with the definition that I stated earlier and then immediately go on to speak about the benefits of body weight workouts carried out in a circuit fashion. And why combining this along with your standard gym regimen is what will present you with the muscle definition of an athlete.